What is the TeethXpress™ Procedure for Missing Teeth Replacement?

Missing teeth can be securely replaced following tooth loss using dental implants and the TeethXpress™ treatment. All of your teeth in a full arch of your upper and/or lower jaw can be permanently replaced by the placement of implants in designated locations in your jawbone.

Dental implants are a secure solution for restoring your ability to chew and your appearance with a full arch of new teeth. Your initial examination, a treatment plan, and a discussion of your goals will begin your TeethXpress™ procedure that can be completed in one day.

What Benefits Can You Experience with TeethXpress™?

The health risks caused by missing teeth are the focus of your treatment. Delaying tooth replacement can have an impact on your bone and gum tissue, your tooth function, and your appearance.

Your TeethXpress™ procedure can be completed in one appointment. You can eat the foods you choose and smile with confidence after your procedure.



What Are the Advantages of Missing Teeth Replacement Using Dental Implants?

The loss of your teeth can impact your health, your ability to chew your food, and your smile. The security of the TeethXpress™ treatment relies on dental implants to provide you a new set of permanent teeth.

The placement of dental implants at strategic locations in your jaw restores your tooth function and appearance. Your treatment with TeethXpress™ will be completed in less time and at less cost than a standard dental implant procedure.

Your new set of teeth will not move, shift, or fall out. The security of dental implants enable you to eat and smile with confidence.

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