Dr.  Jason Mann, DMD

DMD, Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Mann specializes in cosmetic and implant dentistry. He understands that the appearance of your teeth is important and knows there are a variety of ways to maintain great oral care and a fresh image. No matter what procedure or treatment you are considering, Dr. Mann will explore the options to help you further enhance your facial appearance.

Cosmetics are the leading trend in health care today. Patients have many questions about what is possible. With all the advancements in dentistry, patients can expect natural tooth colored restorations, veneers and crowns that will last for years to come. You no longer have to live with gaps, missing teeth, stains or silver fillings. Even the most subtle difference in tooth size, shape, texture and color can be part of your overall look.

Dr. William Zinney

DMD, Periodontist, Implant Specialist

Originally from the Hudson Valley in New York, Dr. Zinney received his Masters in neuropsychology from the University of Arizona.  He graduated from Emory University School of Dentistry in 1986, completed his Periodontal Surgery residency in 1988 and has practiced as a Board Certified Periodontist in the Atlanta area since then.

Dr. Zinney was a pioneer in implant dentistry as well as microsurgical and regenerative techniques.   His core belief is that oral and systemic health and disease are closely related and the more educated you are as a patient the better your treatment outcome will be.

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