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TeethXpress™ is Your Solution for Missing Teeth Replacement in South Atlanta, Lake Oconee, and Warner Robins

Your oral health is at risk the longer you delay tooth replacement following tooth loss. Dental implants provide a secure solution for missing teeth replacement using the TeethXpress™ procedure at our dental offices serving South Atlanta, Lake Oconee, and Warner Robins.

BioHorizons implants replace your tooth roots. Tooth implants combined with the TeethXpress™ treatment restore your tooth function if you have missing teeth.

The affordable TeethXpress™ treatment provides you a more cost effective solution for tooth replacement in South Atlanta, Lake Oconee, and Warner Robins. The use of affordable dental implants can also replace your teeth faster than a standard implant procedure.

Schedule your initial consultation and oral examination to discuss your missing teeth and how the TeethXpress™ treatment can restore your tooth function, health, and smile.

What is the TeethXpress™ Procedure for Missing Teeth Replacement?

Missing teeth can be securely replaced following tooth loss using dental implants and the TeethXpress™ treatment. All of your teeth in a full arch of your upper and/or lower jaw can be permanently replaced by the placement of implants in designated locations in your jawbone.

Dental implants are a secure solution for restoring your ability to chew and your appearance with a full arch of new teeth. Your initial examination, a treatment plan, and a discussion of your goals will begin your TeethXpress™ procedure that can be completed in one day.

The Process for Restoring Your Tooth Function and Appearance with TeethXpress™


1-Initial oral examination and Treatment Planning

The details of your treatment and the opportunity to discuss your health and appearance goals will be provided during your initial examination. A 3D scan and x-rays will assist with the development of your treatment plan and assessing your bone and gum tissue health.

2-Your Procedure Appointment

Sedation is provided for the placement of your dental implants. Your new, temporary teeth will be secured to your implants after a period of rest and recovery.

3-Tooth Function and Appearance Restoration

Your implants will adapt to your bone and gum tissue. Final adjustments will be made to your bite, alignment, fit, and comfort following your post-surgery healing period.


Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your consultation and initial oral examination to discover how the TeethXpress™ procedure can restore your health and appearance following tooth loss.

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